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My Story

BodyTalk Practitioner

The Journey Begins

My name is Melanie Lapier and I am a BodyTalk Practitioner and a Yoga Instructor. I have a passion for self-discovery and I am dedicated to supporting others on their own inner journey of healing and transformation. It is through BodyTalk that I realized how truly amazing the bodymind is and its exceptional ability to heal itself. 

My journey that finally led me to BodyTalk was a long and grueling one. I was not healthy. I was exhausted, numb, in pain, angry and felt very disconnected from my body. I had almost every test done Western Medicine could provide and the results were always the same, nothing was wrong. Although this was a relief, I still didn’t have any answers to what was wrong with me. I explored many Alternative and Holistic options that provided me with answers and I was feeling better. However, slowly but surely symptoms kept coming back and I still was not feeling myself. I wasn’t sure what I needed, but I needed something and inadvertently ended up in a Yoga Teacher Training course.

I was pleasantly surprised and ultimately transformed when taking my first Yoga Teacher training. It was here that I explored and began to understand the bodymind concept and that I had it all backwards. I was looking for outside answers, when all the answers I truly needed were within. Having a new mindset I further explored Yoga and my desire to expand on understanding wellness. I was transformed as a person and this experience truly changed my life. 

What was I doing Wrong?

With my new understanding, knowledge and mindset I felt transformed, renewed and healthy. However, after time passed, I found myself again stuck in an old pattern of exhaustion, low-self confidence, anger, and not feeling like myself. I was frustrated as I had all the tools I needed and couldn’t understand how I was back to square one, feeling sick and defeated yet again. All of the self sabotaging stories were finding their way back into my life and I needed to further understand the bodymind connection. When confiding this in a friend she suggested a whole health care system that she didn’t know much about called BodyTalk, and the research began.

BodyTalk: It All Came Together

When I went to my first BodyTalk session, I was not exactly sure what to expect. I left feeling an overwhelming sense of relief that I had not experienced before. After each session I had a better understanding of how my bodymind works together as well as its ability to heal itself. I finally had the ultimate tool for understanding and the inner ability to appreciate and realize all of my talents and how to use them. It was through my own journey of self awareness and compassion that I decided to become a BodyTalk practitioner and dedicate myself to supporting others in their journey to realize their own personal powers, their gifts through self-acceptance. BodyTalk does not alter the destination, it just makes the journey along the way more pleasant. 

Formal Qualifications:

  • BodyTalk Practitioner

  • Reiki Levels I & II

  • Certified Yoga Instructor

  • Courses in: Mindscape, Conscious Living Investigation (CLI) & BodyTalk Access

About Me: About Me
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